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Is your weight loss center or bariatric surgery practice delivering new clients on a regular basis by being at the top of the Google search results for terms like Weight Loss, lose weight fast, bariatric surgery, weight loss center, medical weight loss, how to lose belly fat, best way to lose weight, fastest way to lose weight etc… ? People trust the top results in Google, many of them actually think Google chooses who is at the top based on the quality of the business. Many others assume that if you are at the top you must have a well oiled machine and therefore is safe to trust their hard earned dollars with. So if you are not at the top of the search results you simply miss out. Someone is getting those calls, in many cases its some national lead generation site who then sells them you and several others all at once. Why not get them all to yourself?

Google is moving more and more to a location based search so optimizing your site to include all of the areas you service is absolutely vital. Google has also become far more technical but that actually gives us opportunities to rank that we did not have before. We simply could not fit all the surrounding cities in your title tags and meta descriptions. Schema data allows us to optimize for as many cities as we want.


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